THE BIG DECISION- Before & After

Deciding to make a change in my life & really going for it has been a long process. I am one of those people who always encourage my friends and family to go for the change they need or want. And yet I found myself taking lot of time to make the first step: quitting my stable, well established and well perceived job for a gap year and the adventure of life.

BEFORE making this decision I found myself doing many other things such as trying to accommodate my life and make some little changes where I was because nowadays having a job is precious and after all I can’t throw out the baby with the bath water by quitting a stable life for the scary unknown. However, my friend Rachel was right: « If this big step is something you are meant to do, it will come back to you at some point ». Indeed, 9 months later, I had dived into work so much that I suddenly realised I had lost the balance with the rest of my life. I was really struggling to connect with people I love and enjoy my free time, I was feeling  lonely and disconnected. So I finally admitted to myself that I had to GO FOR THE CHANGE because I had so much to gain from it.

red green

AFTER, from the day I gave my resignation letter, I slowly felt my internal pressure gage going back from the red to the green. I was suddenly so much more relaxed and available with people around me. I had lot of things to sort out in as I was moving country  and one of my biggest worry was about not having the time to enjoy people & places a last time and say goodbye properely. However, I was amazed how things fell in place perfectly and how easy things has been during this transition time. I had an happy summer in England, I spent time with friends, went around to enjoy my favourites places and managed to sort my move without any major difficulties.

The TRANSITION period is a very special time. I was still in my old life, but working toward the start of  a new chapter. It was special because of all the things people reflected at me at that time about what I archieved or who I am. I found it very energising and rich. When I left England on Monday I was feelling totally ready for my ADVENTURE.


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