Coming back in France

After 4 years in England, I already knew I wasn’t a « true French person » anymore, neither a real British. Here are some funny facts of my first week back in France:

I woke up totally dazzled by the bright light of the sun for the 5 first days…grey has been replaced by pink, yellow, blue…where are my sunglasses???

I now fully understand all the conversations surrounding me on the street. As a results, I find myself following 2 or 3 conversations in parallel in the transports or unable to focus on the  back page of a book in a bookshop because my brain prefers to listen to the booksellers personal conversation.

I am filled with wonder to the view of boulangeries & patisseries. Last week I nearly took out my camera to take a picture of a very usual patisserie window!

As anyone who hFrenchad to learn another language in another country, I have this dictionary reflex and I to my surprise I had to seek for 2 French words yesterday while reading the newspaper!!! By the way, one of this word was « gentrification » and the French dictionary was stating « from the English word gentry ». Then looking at the English dictionary, it was saying « gentry from old French word ‘gentil’ « . Great to see the influence on each other languages!

And of course there is also a down side. I had forgotten that the favourite activity of French people is complaining! They are champions in the category and when a French has decided it was the moment to complain, nothing can stop him/her! The rules are simple: everything can be mentioned from the weather forecast, to the bad traffic in Paris (no matter if the speaker is currently in south of France) or the results of the elections (2 years ago)…e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is allowed as long as you use an angry tone of voice! Grrrrrr!

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