The bag and the fears 

  Before going on my way, I was reading the book Immortelle Randonné written by Jean-Christophe Ruffin who shares his experience of the way. A chapter is dedicated to the bag a very important element of pilgrims life. The author promotes the idea that the bag tells a lot about the fears of its owner, that every single items which appear to be useless on the way despite the careful selection operated during the preparation reflects the fears of the carrier.

As I was preparing my bag, this idea made me think. I shared the concept to my relatives who were witnessing the operation and someone said « I know what you are scared about! You are scared about the weight of your bag » that was an evidence and I believe I am not alone in that case. However, I learned something about myself as I was going through the exercise. I was surprised to find more difficult giving up on taking a book (171g) than giving up on my fear camera (880g). And I don’t exclude the possibility to buy a book on my way! And yes, I have to admit: I still have the possibility to take pictures with my phone!
And you, which useless item is in your bag?

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