Finding the good rhythm on the camino

Can you feel the bit of your life? Is it slow? Is it fast? Do you feel peaceful? Do you feel breathless? Are you currently pushing your limits or are you comfortable? Do you sometimes happen to need  a break?

No one can walk on the camino without asking themself these questions. Nivia and Andrea had told me:  » On the camino, each person has its own rhythm. You will see some days, you won’t be able to walk and that’s fine. » I would have never imagine that would happen to me on the 3rd day after 40 km only!  Yersterday I happily walk the first 15km, no issue to climb the 400m difference in height between Monistrol d’Allier et Montaure. However, as I was taking my distance with the group I had share the first kilometers on the plateau, in order to take my well diserved lunch break, a unknown sensation started to bother me. My right Achilles tendon started to « grate », to pull, to be painfull…as if it had rusted. In reality, it is the complete opposite which happen. It was a cloudy day with sunny spells and I haven’t drunk enough: less than 1L over the 20 kms, typical beginner mistake!!!!

As a result, I reached Saugues with 2 painful tendons and a heavy feeling of tiredness. Nothing to do with the good old tiredness feeling of one walking day in open air. I couldn’t beleive the energy level of my companions around the table at tea time!

Fortunately, there are the good encounters: a French Canadian girl who already walked the Camino 7 years ago, recommended me to drink loads of water. And I was lucky enough to meet in Le Puy Simon ( professional physio) who massaged my 2 tendons while I was lying on the table of the dinning area!

However,  this morning I had to accept to let my companions go and continue the way while I was resting. My left tendon is back to normal but the right one is still « grating ». Since yesterday evening, I have drunk not less than 4L of water, I have stretched and more importantly I have slept, slept and slept.

repos 1

I am recovering fast. Tomorrow, if everything goes well, I will be back on the camino. Happy Sunday to you, enjoy this day of rest as well!


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