People of the way I (full version) 

  Megan from Portland (US- Oregan)

« I am walking on the Camino now because I am 67 years old and soon i will be too old. I wanted to excercise, see how beautiful it is, to challenge myself, to try to speak French again. And I thought I could take 3 weeks before my 4th grandchild is born. All my grand children are in Portland and I spend lot of time with them. Also, I want to enjoy the « vin du pays et le fromage du pays » before returning to Portland winter and my own cooking« . 

   Yean- Seoul Korea

« I travelled almost all over EU by train, bus & flight. And when I see through the window I was really disappointed to pass by that beautiful landscape. So this time I wanted to walk through that beautiful landscape, not just passing by. More importantly, this experience is a kind of ritual before I start another way in my life ».

 Ian – Melbourne Australia

« I am 70, it is very great to be alive. To do a walk like this is very important because I had 3 different lot of cancer; and because of that I have a care free attitude and I enjoy life. I’m fortunate to have a grata wife, 3 sons, 2 wonderful daughter in law and 8 grand children. To do a walk like camino walk, your journey start from the first step you take from your home. Along the way you meet wonderful individuals who have them own personal issues that they often share with you. That’s what make the way so special. Wherever you start and your finish being Santiago. It is one of the most moving experiences you can have in life. How lucky we are. »

Nicolas- Champagnole France

« If I need to say it in few word: life is beautiful and short, the world is wide and beautiful, we need to enjoy that. To not stay at home, to travel. The Camino is without a doubt a good way to see the world, to meet the people of the world, to experience something meaningful ».

Ingrid – Den Haag Holland

« I’m doing the camino because I want to think about my future. I work 28hrs a week and in the rest if the time I am a sculptor. 6 years ago, I finished a 4 years course in transpersonal counselling. What I am thinking of now is what can I do withe people in transpersonal counselling, in sculpture and walking. How can I combine it? That ‘a were my heart is ».

Natalie – Montreal Canada

« My dad did Santiago from Le Puy to St Jean-Pieds-de-Port and there are people around me who did it or want to do it, this is where my idea of this form of travel is from. I arrived at Barcelona for a yoga training and my plan was to visit France through the Camino and meditate. The way is fascinating, the landscape are beautiful and you can see abundance everywhere you look: through the people, the garden. It takes us back to the source, we don’t need more than that, people in the farm simply live from the land. When walking, we can realise that it is easier to walk on the grass than on the asphalt. As if the human being is destroying more than being in harmony with nature. »

Gregoire – Paris France

« I am with Caroline since 2 years and the change of life between single to in couple pushed me to stop living for myself only . Therefore, to be more exigent with myself in order to be the best possible for her. For that and also for my professionals aspirations I needed to take a step back, to get away from my Parisian daily life and everything which was familiar: my friends, my family, the cigarette, all those things! I decided to go to Santiago because I think it is a place where you find simplicity, the joy of meeting people, of arriving somewhere after a long day of walk. It is taking you out of the nowadays malaise, a kind if spleen that you impose to yourself by choosing a repetitive life, routinely and above all comfortable and mediocre ».

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