The lessons of the camino II – Let it go & let it be

Walking on the camino, I learned many things about life and I would like to share with you the key lessons I came across . 

   Let it go & let it be: I don’t like to say good bye to my friends and family when I don’t know when I will meet them next. On the way, I learned to accept leaving my new friends going ahead or staying behind without knowing if we would meet again or not. At first, it was difficult to do but with time it became easier because I realised it was leaving the space for new encounters, discussions or moment of reflexion. And theses moments were as enriching and satisfying than staying with my camino friends.
Let it go, it also valid for belongings! Indeed, when there is in my bag the minimum only, I don’t feel happy about loosing or forgetting things. However it does happen and this is not the end of the world…even for my little notebook in which I was writing every evenings. And the same for my Opinel knife which was a souvenir of a great day with a good friend…it-is-ok! 

Let it be, it is accepting ideas or people who annoy me. Yes, they also have good reasons to be here and the more I moan about it, the more energy I give for…nothing ! For example it happened to me to choose to go in am Albergue more than in another one in order to avoid a group of Koreans. I was finding them rather noisy and they never talked to other pilgrims. And of course, who arrived in the Albergue for the check-in just after me that evening? The Koreans! After that, I always did my choices according to myself only and I felt much happier and somehow more free. 

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