The lesson of the camino III: The 4 R

Walking on the camino, I learned many things about life and I would like to share with you the key lessons I came across . 

The 4 R: Routine, Rituals, Rhythm and Regularity.  

 Routine is a phenomena which often question me while I was travelling and I realised that routine is a mindset. It is a special mode in which we leave ourself behaving like robots without really thinking of what we are doing because we are so used to doing it. During my travel, it became clear the difference between routine and ritual as there were many actions I would repeat every day and which were important and positives to me; such as yoga, waking up early to admire the sunrise, massaging my feet or drink a tisane before bed. This how I recognise a ritual, it is done consciously and bring some well being.

  On the way each of us has its own rhythm and it is important to respect it and not to fall into the group dynamic. We need to stay connected to ourself and our own body needs and possibilities. Sometimes I am walking 30km, sometimes 20km and this as I feel! 

However I realised that if I wasn’t regular in my daily distances, then I was getting tired and I needed to take a resting day.  The funny thing in that case, is that the day following my resting day I would meet again some people that I had overtaken few days before. And theses people were walking regularly, the same distances day after day ! 

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