The joys of the camino

I loved each day I spent on the way and I here are the things which have been source of lot of joy during theses 2 past months.  
The first thing and without question the most important has been meeting people. Each person I met, each moment, days or weeks we shared together brought me something. Thanks to all the discussions, the fun, the songs we shared I can tell I had a beautiful way! 

My little rituals. To practised yoga alone or in group, to wake up very early to watch the sunrise, to drink a beer with other pilgrims after a great long walking day or drinking a tisane before bed, here are the little rituals source of joy for me. 

Eating! I always loved eating, bit I discovered on the way a great thing: I have a fast metabolism, therefore I need to eat often and a lot…oh joy!
Moreover, one of my biggest joy has been to prepare and share diners with my companions. Each of us would buy some ingredients and be responsible for one course and each time it was a feast! Especially compared to the terrible Menu del pelegrino in Spain which is the same from Roncevalles to Santiago. It is so heavy to digest that pilgrims are fearing it!!! 

The reunion feeling. After few weeks, when by chance my way crossed again the way of someone I met before that was source of lot of joy! We exchange our experiences, in which places we stopped, who we met and already I can see some changes in the other person. And of course we talk about our common camino friends, are they ahead or behind?  
The Inspiration. When I walk, often my ideas get very clear and more creatives. It is good to feel the ideas blossoming in my head about my next article or projects I would like to realise later this year and next year. 


Walking in the nature. Autumn is by far my favourite season. The nature absorbed lot of sun and energy all summer long and in autumn. Even when it is bad weather I see the sun everywhere: in the leafs of the tree or in the fruits. Therefore it was a great pleasure to be everyday outdoor from the end of the summer, to the beginning of the winter!  
Your comments, as readers. Writing this blog is a way for me to practise something I love doing: writing. And it was also a way to open myself more and be even more who I am. Therefore, what a joy to read that one article inspired someone and that another article has been really enjoyed. Thank you so much for your little messages, please continue to react!!! 


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