From Santiago to Paris…As Salama Aleykoum! 2/3

      And then, I watched an extract of a discussion on a TV set with the journalist Sylvain Lapoix who is at the origin of  #PorteOuverte on Twitter, he was talking about his action. I said very simply: « I am the guy who did ONE tweet at 9.30 pm and that’s all! » « You can ask my family I haven’t done anything, I really did nothing that evening. » « The solidarity was there before. » « The open door, it is them who opened the door, it is the Parisians who showed the example. » This is how Sylvain Lapoix  proved me wrong, he showed me that a very little action from an ordinary citizen, can make a big difference, and if he can do it, so do I!

brain newsAnd Sylvain Lapoix went further, he called at the « open door » on transparency about oil money. He mentioned an article from the Financial Time which states that Isis earns 1.5 millions $ per day out of oil industry. Therefore he is encouraging us to connect the current affairs together: oil means energy, energy means climat change and climate change means COP21. We are living in a connected world, so let’s connect the current affairs!


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