A bit of context

Logo_PlacetoB-2     I am have been working with  Place to B team since few days now , running around to set up the rooms, to change the menus or to prepare  pass for the guests. The atmosphere is really good, each of us is doing  a lot ,  the team is motivated and efficient. I start to feel at home, sometimes very enthusiastic about the people I am meeting, sometimes very humbled by being surrounded by so many personalities.

       I can see the journalist working all day long, I meet people who are telling me « We decided to really act and live differently, now », I can hear the noise from the street and the outside world where security became a good reason to limit people expression. I am wondering about the format of my future articles and it seems to me that a bit of context would be good to start with. 

       Indeed, I am interested in the question related to climate change, and I am far from being an expert in sustainability. Therefore, I will do my best to make the most of theses 2 weeks in order to absorb a maximum of information. What a I the most interested in ? The solutions. I am convinced it isn’t too late to limit the climate change and that, as citizen we do have all the cards in hands to start the changes. By consequence, my future articles will be optimists and positives. I will share my discoveries and offer tangible solutions. My aim is to open your mind  and to transmit you the will to take action, at your level,  in your life.
Having  said that, the French context text isn’t great.Since the terrorists attacks of the 13th of November in Paris, the French government first forbidden street demonstration, then in the entire country. Since Sunday, the police has been doing search and arresting ecology  activists for their own « security ». Where is our great freedom gone? Since when a state needs to limit citizen freedom in order to guaranty their security? Is France still a democracy? Theses questions are in my mind as well.

     This is in that atmosphere that France is about to welcome the heads of states of the entire world, in order tdessin du jour 1o agree all together on the next targets to limit the global warming. Why do we need to limit it? Because if the average earth temperature rise by 2 extra °C , then the globalwarming process will be irreversible. The negotiations are incredibly complexes because each country has its own interests and different objectives. There are the developing countries which are already victims of climate changes (flood, drought …) and they don’t have the resources to face theses catastrophes and help their populations.  There are the emerging countries who want to develop fast and who don’t especially want to conform with new norms.  And finally, there are the developed countries who want to keep the same level of life and comfort while limitate and reduce their impact on environment…and their spend.There are 195 countries taking part in the CoP and a single country has the power to block the negotiation. In summary, as said yesterday a journalist specialist in the CoP negociations: « We are witnessing a beautiful utopia. » 

      In any case, the climate change is real . And it is important to remember that in one hand, all the  governments which are in Bourget for 2 weeks are representing us and we can hold them  accountable for their promises. And in another hand, each of us is capable of initiating the transition toward a world more respectful of environment. So, see you soon to share about evolution, solutions and options!

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