Let’s bounce! 

Résilience ! Since I joined Place to B, I hear a lot this word. Almost unused in the French vocabulary until recently, this word has now invaded the life of French people. Personally, I am not a big fan of this word, probably because the first time I heard it, I associated it to the word resignation which I don’t really like. In fact, resilience is the ability of a person to accept and act in a situation which generate stress. It is the capacity of this person to protect herself in that situation. Her capacity  to find a new balance and to take action in such a way that it will turn the situation to the advantage of that person. It is actually our ability to bounce back.

  And if this word is so used in the CoP 21 discussions it is because as said so well this morning the reporter-filmmaker Slater Jewell-Kemker:  » Our future is not the future promised by our parents, but it is the incredible possibility to build a new world. »

Are you ready to bounce?



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