Demain – Tomorrow

     Half way of the COP21, most of the time inside the positive bubble of Place to B, I am making the most of my free time. Through conferences, movies, live at Place to Brief, Le Bourget or this weekend in the village of alternatives, I listen, I learn, I question, I read and I meet lot of people. It is difficult to find the time to stop, think and write. And, I don’t really know where to start. Each evening I tell myself  « Tomorrow my ideas will be clearer, tomorrow I’ll do it! I will write. »

       DDEMAINEMAIN (Tomorrow, in french) is actually the title of the film of Mélanie Laurent and the Cyril Dion. Thanks to this movie I understood why I didn’t know where to start. It is because everything is connected. A good solution can’t  only focus on agriculture, or energy, or economy but requires to take all these parameters and many more in account. Of course, I will share on blogpause some already existing and tangible solutions, but you would miss something not watching DEMAIN.

     Realised over 2 years, this movie has been crowd-founded by 10 266 citizens who believed in the project. DEMAIN is all together realist, positive and dynamic. The message is clear: tomorrow is built today, and therefore solutions already exist. The movie directors chose to start by the agriculture chapter because, as Cyril Dion explained after the movie, it is proven that the end of a civilisation is most of the time due to food shortage. One thing being connected to another, we are soon taken on a road trip of the solutions, the entire experience being enhanced by a wonderful soundtrack composed by Frederika Stahl. During the journey we forget about time, we discover, we learn, we are astonished by so much positivity about such a topic! This movie will be soon a reference among the film-reportages on solutions to climate change. So invite your family, your friends and your neighbours and go to the cinema! Who knows, maybe a idea of project will grow out of this cinema session!

Une réflexion au sujet de « Demain – Tomorrow »

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