Round is the solution !

     Ecosystem ! This one of the favorite word of environmentalists, ecologists and climate activists. This scientific word is an explanatory-word, a solution-word. And following the COP21 without understanding this term is a bit like trying to ride a bicycle which doesn’t have pedals! So I got interested in the question, and according to Larousse encyclopaedia an ecosystem is characterised by its flux and raw material being recycled. Moreover in ecology, the ecosystem designate an environment in which the living beings are working together in closed circle, such as in the water cycle. Indeed, scientists estimate that climate change is due to humans disturbing the ecosystem rather than contributing to it. For example when we release an excessive amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and there isn’t enough trees to absorb such a quantity, or at least not that fast in any cases.

   However human being is a living being and is by consequence part of ecosystems! So, with which living beings does he work in closed cycle? Indeed, when he transforms his organic waste into compost and uses it to fertilise the soil in his garden or field. And when he filters his waste water to reuse it. Or when he invests money with others in a project or a company which contributes in some ways to the society. This is it!  This is the solution to climate change: the closed cycles. And it is time to stop turning in circle, and let’s start to create, re-create and restore the round of solutions!!!


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