A Quest for Meaning

En Quête de sens DVDIt’s Christmas holidays, for the first time after a few years we are meeting at my Grand-ma’s house. The whole family that is all the aunties, uncles, cousins, a gathering of not less than 28 people, is sitting around the table. Discussions and debates about politics, solutions to the crisis are often coming back. I am also asked many questions about the Santiago way and my experience at Place to B during the COP 21. Obviously, my family is wondering and sometimes queries my recent choices. I am 29 years old, I left my well established job in a big multinational company a few months ago. I came back to France and started to seek for a more meaningful life. “A quest for meaning”, this is actually the name of a reportage I heard of so many times during the COP21. So much that I bought the DVD and organised a projection with all my family. Without even watching it before, I installed the screen, plugged the video projector and a 1h30 movie session started with all my family.

Projection En Quete de sens

Soon everyone was absorbed in Marc’s and Nathanaël’s encounters and discoveries. These 2 childhood friends met by chance in New-York a few years ago. At that time Nathanaël Coste had just finished a reportage about water in India, whereas Marc de la Menardière was working as a marketer in a big multinational company which was selling water. Many things were opposing them despite their friendship: their ways of life, their convictions…However, when Marc found himself stuck in bed after breaking his leg he watched Nathanaël’s reports and began to change his vision of life. So much that once he was better, he decided to quit his job and joined Nathanaël in India. He needed to understand, meet all these bright people who lived differently and were not afraid of change. Nathanaël filmed Marc’s quest of the world. Then they produced the movie together.

     Like the road-trip report Tomorrow -more centred on interior change- “A quest for meaning” is mind opening since the spectator watches actors of the sustainable development and today’s philosophers. It shows that it is possible to live differently, stresses important notions such as the difference between pleasure and happiness, the link between human being and nature, the limits of our current system. Through each encounter and testimony the spectator slowly becomes conscious that humanity can be actor in the change, can imagine new structures, places of living and systems which are meaningful. The production of “A quest of meaning” has been financed by crowd funding with the help of not less than 963 internet users. Moreover its licence allows anyone who desires to do so, to organize a pubic movie projection without fees and complications. It just needs connecting on the website and follow the instructions. This report is anchored into today’s world. It does feed our reflections about change, ways of life, current and future systems. A report to be widely shared with your friends, family and social groups. Be the first person to export it out of France!

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