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« We all have a piece of monolog under the skin. We should give it to others, even if we are wary of it. »  Georges Perros

Always in movement. At someone’s place or someone else. Sometimes in the city, sometimes in the mountains. Living with my suitcase or my backpack. And moving forward, again, always. In  the heart of winter and even though it isn’t that cold, I get invaded by the greyness of the season. I can’t write anymore. I don’t know how to plan the rest of my year. I am starting to feel the need to settle  in « my home ». Fortunately this week I had planned a little trip to Paris. Nothing better to get some inspiration back!


The weather is dry and cold, I feel lucky. I walk from Châtelet to  St Michel fountain the nose in the wind and the eyes in the blue sky. I marvel about IMG_3319the beauty of Paris, still I can’t imagine living here. I decide to enter the book shop Gibert Jeune (massive shop for second hand books) and the Vieux Campeur (shop for high quality sport items). Big mistake for my wallet: I buy not less than 5 books and a super light camping mattress for an eventual future hike not even planned yet. Never mind, it is a constant this year: I spend my money only on travel and hiking items!

Around 7pm, I am meeting with the Writting Factory in the nice book shop of Gallimard editor. The students are mixing with the professionals and the editors. Internet is great but it won’t never replace the face to face meeting. In front of my screen, I feel like blind or anosmic: I can’t « feel » my interlocutor. Therefore I am very happy to meet Sonia Racheline who is guiding me and making me working hard since few weeks. I also have the great pleasure to exchange ideas and tips with the other students. I share with them my auestions and realise how much this workshop is challenging to me: I need to cut and cut again my sentences to keep the essential only. When actually I love choosing the exact right word in order to inject rhythm and music to my sentences. I really enjoy when the words resonate between themselves and make the read fluid and lively. Fortunately on my blog, I am free!


Next to Anita Coppet and Sonia Racheline, Véronique Le Normand shared with us 2 texts from her master in literature: Georges Perros. Lovely moment,  everyone is listening carefully to the call of  words.

« Greed is not wanting to write in a letter what we keep for a possible book. »  Georges Perros

Later, when the bookshop closes its doors, I check my watch. 9.30pm. Do I have enough time? They are probably late. Anyway, I don’t want to miss it! I am too curious and it is the occasion or never. I take the tube. Change 3 times. Pass by the stops Richard Lenoir and Breguet Sabin. I have a thought for my uni years and my friend Gégé. I run again and  reach the restaurant.I enter a room full and overheated. Am I in the right place? Yes it is here and they are late. She will read after the break. I go out to breath some fresh air, open my mobile and receive some good news from Anita in Argentina. When I raise my head, I meet her sight through the window. « We start now ». I go back inside and stand behind the comptoir. While ignoring my hunger, I regale myself  with the reading of  Frédérique Deghelt (author of Another woman’s life / La vida de otra).. She generously reveals a long part of her novel in progress: Libertango. Her text talks to me and touches me. It talks about the encounter of a young man and an Argentinian musician. The first person to accept him as he is: handicapped. It is question of finding a sens to life, to practise our own art and to do it as we are: imperfect. As always I like the rhythm, the music and the sensibility which spring through the words of  Frédérique. I feel inspired. Writing, Argentina, music. It is time to buy my tickets for Buenos Aires!


Tuesday evening, it is with a different kind of writer  I am meeting. His name is Bernard Ollivier, a confirmed hiker who wrote 3 beautiful books about his long walk on the silk road. I heard about him recently through the charity SEUIL. He founded this charity after walking on St James way. He was convinced that sending, on the camino young people in social exclusion with an educator is the best way to help them to not dive into delinquency. A great initiative which pushed me to contact him. Finally he was late and in hurry and I had only half an hour to ask him my questions. I am a bit disappointed. However he brought me some interesting elements for my article in progress, especially because he disagreed one of my basic ideas. Nothing better to move forward!

Bernard Ollivier

                                                   cc réseau des médiathèques de Clamart

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