Understanding Argentina better

Argentina is huge country and a country of contrasts. Even if I knew it before going there, I had few surprises. And after a serie of cultural chocs, I decided to educate myself.

It happens that before coming all the Argentinians I knew were Porteno or Portena (Buenos Aires inhabitants). They  always speak about Argentina in a very positive way. So I had to adjust a bit the image of Argentina I had to the reality. For example I knew politics were very corrupted in Argentina. BUT, while the entire world is outraged by the Panama papers, how could I understand why  a crowd of citizen is acclaiming  Cristina Kirchner who came to Buenos Aires to be judged following some embezzlement of public fund?

Another example: my friends speak rather load, in a very clear way and they always have something interesting to tell. It was clear for me that all the Argentinians were expressing themselves the same way. So what a surprise to discover that the Formosa inhabitants speak very few and rather low.

Therefore after 3 weeks of mini cultural chocs and misunderstanding of this country I resorted to literature. I red voraciously a brilliant book written by the journalist Ludovic Lamant and which treats the history of Argentina as well as politics, society and culture. And for all the things which remains a mystery  for me I have a solution: there is Mafalda, Ché!

Mafalda is the main character of a comics drawn by Quino. She is a little Argentinian girl who express herself and think like an adult. She interrogates herself about world,  war, peace, politic and  soup! She is always very subtil and funny.


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