From the top of the mountains – Walking alone

During my trek, I realised that my decision of walking alone which seemed evident to me questions and sparks various reactions among people I encounter on the way.


There are the men of a certain age who mumble behind my back: « A women alone on the plateau…”

More than showing a protective attitude, they are giving me the impression that I am disturbing their vision of the world and of the established order: “about the things that we can do and the things that we can’t do ». Personally, I feel more in security up there (even one walking day away from the civilisation) than walking on my own by night in any of this world megalopolis. I am deeply convinced that the risk of aggression is much lower up there, in the mountains.

    There are also people who tell me: « Walking alone doesn’t appeal to me at all. I simply would get bored ».  Actually when I am walking I am in a good solitude state of mind, a bit like the rider on the bike, or the swimmer who is doing laps. I don’t feel alone, I feel in good company with myself. I leave my thought flowing, whenever I feel like it I stop to take pictures, to eat some wild raspberries or I make a break for a picnic, a bit of writing or reading. Probably we all have different ways to spend moments in good solitude. In any cases, this moments appear to me as precious and important instants which intersperse like a breath of fresh and necessary air with a daily life often very busy .


   In this good solitude, time flies and already I reach the next mountain hut. Often at a crossroad, theses little self-managed houses offer a good shelter to hikers. It is the occasion to share the diner and the evening with other people. There happen nice encounters and discussions which fulfil my need for contacts and exchanges with others until the next evening.


    At the Jasse de Play hut, I meet among other people 2 horse riders. One of them knows very well the natural reserve and recommend me an alternate route to my next day itinerary. Thanks to her clear and accurate explanations, I reach easily the Queyrie prairie by the Chatons pass. And to top it all I am at the bottom of Grand Veymont (the higher summit of Vercors) with a splendid view over Mont Aiguille!


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