From the top of the mountain- Contacting the essential

I climbed up-there to discover Vercors because I spent several weeks at the bottom of this mountain range this year. I also wanted to go back to the sensation of the camino and at the same time contact the essential, my essential, just before starting a new adventure in my professional life.


To do so, nothing better than a full immersion in nature, without a phone or internet connection; just my bag-pack.CIMG4035
The first day I notice something about my rhythm: « Why do I walk so fast? And why do I already anticipate the next action when I am doing one thing? » As if it was important to demonstrate effectiveness right now. The recollection of the pilgrim-hiker I had become after few months on Santiago way is clearly different from who I am now. I was very calm, centered and connected to the present moment. If my capacity of anticipation wasn’t often solicited, the one of attention to my environment, to the people and the opportunities surrounded me was strongly increased. So,  I become conscious about own inclination for efficiency sometimes to the cost of quality. This tendency comes straight from our society. However I doubt of its benefits when I am being caught up in a bustle of non-stop activities for the sake of being efficient. This is how emerge in me the idea to take more time to do things when I will be back home.

About modernity, it is surely the time, especially since time is indexed to money. As consequence time can’t be lost but always won; resulting in frenzy as collective livelihood. 

Pierre Rabhi

My reading also makes me meditate. This time I took in my bag the book of Pierre RabhiTowards happy sobriety. The philosopher-environmentalist-farmer does not mince its words when it comes to criticize our society! I admire his beautiful style which resonate and make more and more sense as I spend time immersed in nature. I take note of the expressions I like and I also take pictures of the sentences which make me think or dream.

« Reign of immoderation »

« However,  it is also « inter-not-net » at all »

« The path became commitment and intiation in the heart of the big mystery… »



And finally, going back to essential takes all its sense when I have to walk twenty extra minutes to find the water spring after I reached the mountain hut. On the plateau, water is precious: it comes in a thin stream and it takes easily twenty minutes to get 2 L. Despite the heat and the kilometers there is no possibility of spraying myself with water. I clean myself with wipes and the only portion of my body which I allow myself to water are my feet because they carried me all day long!


The way toward  Baume Rousse spring

Being immersed in nature, taking my time, carrying the necessary only and taking care of the limited ressources available. Theses conditions facilitate the connection to my essential.

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