The last word for the end

It took me some time to write this few words. The two feet already anchored in my new life, it is time to officially end this blog. I want it to remain the blog of an extraordinary year; the blog of a big 90°  turn in my life. 

 Gone from a place I was feeling completely  misplaced to slowly go toward a life more aligned with who I really am. I did what many people are qualifying  of « daring, risky »: I left my job for the unknown. It is true it requires some guts. Also when the energy to do so is present, it is a sign strong enough to authorize ourselves to listen to it.

« If your’re this successful doing work you don’t love, what could you do with work you do love? «   Tama J.Kieves   This Time I dance

I had a fantastic year, with deep joy and some more difficult moments. I would have never imagine that this decision would require so much work on myself. Equally, I would have never imagine I would learn so much about myself! It is worth it, now I own few keys which allow me to progress not faster, but truer and better.

« When you fill at the darkest point, remember the darkness is surrounded by lot of light. » G.U

I feel a profound gratitude toward all the people who crossed my path this year. The ones who open their door to me, who hosted, fed and welcome me as I was; where I was. It has been some laugh, it has been some tears. At the end, it remains Love with a capital L. And this « thank you  » which comes from the deepest place in my heart and that I write in big because I feel like screaming it or singing it: T H A N K    Y O U.

There is another groupe of friends I would like to particularly thank. They don’t necessary know each other, but the day before I jumped into the unknown I asked each of them individually « Please, would you accept to support me during this special year ». Of course I knew they would accept! However, by asking out load for it and hearing this YES, I liberated myself from my fear of unknown. I felt reassured: « I can account on this team of friend in any kind of situation. » Unconsciously it is so powerful! So…a H U G E  T H A N K   Y O U to you my « support team », you did a great job!  Thank you for you regular messages, your cards, your emails, the conversations on skype, your hospitality and your kindness. Each of you, with your own style, has been present and has contributed to the success of this year.

Coeur pieds.jpg

These last weeks, while I am starting a new phase of life I realised that I haven’t finished to look for my way, to refine my project, to learn. I will continue to move forward at my own rhythm and  explore, in order to live a happy life.

« Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. » Rainer Maria Rilke

And naturally, I will continue to use my pen, my camera, my feet, my 5 senses, my sensibility and my analytical skills.

Here are the different blogs where you can continue to read me:

  • FLOT d’INSPIRATION my new blog, my space of freedom to share the words which come.
  • The blog  Place to B, for articles about ecology and citizenship (sorry I wrote only in French so far).
  • The blog and the newspaper Tout Va Bien (Everything Is Okay), where I am volunteer journalist
  • And I hope in some other newspapers soon!

Thank you for following me in my adventure.



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