The true end of my camino

Because I couldn’t end my journey in a city. Because I didn’t feel Santiago was the end point of my journey, I continued. I walked for 3 days toward the ocean, aiming first for Finisterre and then toward Muxia.

Three days to reflect about my experience, to prepare myself to end it and to go back home. Three magic days back on the real camino: finished the pilgrim-motorway of the end of the camino Frances, finished the trash on the side of the camino, finished the graffiti at every corner!

For three days I walked on my own, in beautiful Galicia with few pilgrims here and there. Suddenly I was happy again to be in the nature, to walk from sunrise to sunset, to wear the same clothes everyday,  to discover new places and landscapes! It was the occasion to meet again some people I met at the very beginning of my journey and get some more contacts I didn’t have a chance to ask before. What great encounters!

The day before Finisterre, I was on my own in the girl dormitory of a very comfy albergue. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoyed it fully as I got stomach sickness probably due to something I hate for my lunch. The next day I woke up tired but I was determined to walk and reach Finisterre and maybe continue the next day toward Muxia as I originally planed.

I started early, in the foggy morning. The light was very special and I already knew this day would be as special as this sunrise. I had 28km to walk and the camino was really going up and down. While walking I was thinking of all the good moments I had theses last 2 months, I was smiling and sometimes laughing remembering situations. But at some point I realised my scarf had slipped out of the pocket of my bag and I had lost it . Despite all my will to apply my recent « let it go » lesson I was unhappy at myself and that make me realise how much I was tired. So I started to consider the question of ending my journey in Finisterre and not in Muxia.

Around mid day, I stopped in the last town before Finisterre, and had a tortilla in a nice bar. I also bought a sandwich for later and continued to walk. The sun was high in the sky and the more I was approaching Finisterre, the more I was thinking « Is that true? Is this day so nice that I will be able to swim? » When I arrived on the beach, I looked at the horizon, left my bag on the sand and removed my clothes. I ran on the desert beach, right into the ocean. It has been a very special moment: I felt lot of happiness coming out of me, I felt blessed and immensely grateful for this day and the entire adventure.

Then, I went back to my pilgrim state and walked 3km more, up to the far end of the earth. When I reached it, I looked for a nice spot on the rocks, sat down and had my lunch looking at the horizon.
Then, I stayed there. I sat for 5 hours, simply looking at the ocean and the horizon. I was all at once: very peaceful, happy and confused. I needed this static time to give my legs the signal that I will continue my way but not walking so much anymore and not toward the west any longer. I needed this time to feel that it was the end of my camino.

I watched the beautiful sunset and as I was about to walk back to the town, I met a French girl who gave me this advice: « You should stay here one day or two, the time to make your body understand that it is the end of your camino ». I didn’t fully understood why she said that to me, but I followed her advice and I did well!
For 2 more days, I enjoyed the sun, the sea side and the sea food. I spend time with my camino friends and I wrote many postcards to share with my friends and family some sparks of my joy. Then, I felt ready to go home, I had realised: I was reborn into the ocean.