From dreams to reality

    First crisis. There were a storm in my head: lot of ideas, high energy but where from should I start? As it happened, two weeks ago, one of my friend sent me a link to a blog which explains how to create a « vision board« . The theory being that we can archive better our dreams, projects and intentions if we are able to visualise it well.


    I decided to do the exercise. The first phase appeared to me very simple: I had to brainstorm about my projects for 2016…easy, I  simply listed all the stuff I had in mind! In 5 minutes I had a list of big and small projects, as well as intentions for 2016. However at the second phase everything got more complicated: I needed to classify my entire list in 9 different categories (inspired by Feng Shui). Theses are abundance & prosperity, fame  & reputation, relationships & love, family, health, creativity & children, skills & knowledges, carrer & life path, helpful people & travel. I distributed my list in each sections and -oh surprise!- there were no travel in the « travel » area!!?! How is that possible? Me , the supposedly great globetrotter! Me, who is claiming since few years that I will go to Argentina! Now that I have the time and the possibility, I am forgetting about that project?

    And so started the doubts and existential questions invading me. I had to dive into myself to try to listen to what was going on. In the course of my reflections and interrogations I moved from the « travel » area to the « path of life » one, to later find myself in the « love » one and so one. For 3 days I just tried to listen actively to my heart and it wasn’t working!

    Fortunately I have great friends, even thousand of kilometres away  they are always ready to Skype. And my friends have a very special skill: they ask THE good questions. The questions which make me think even more and give me the impression I am even more lost. But once I find an answer, then I know I won: everything is unlocked I know again where I am and where I am going.

    In the middle of this storm, I also decided to add meditation to my morning yoga. Just like that…to try. And above all, I started to do some sport on daily basis again: long walks, bike rides and even cross-country ski. Because sport is so good when in my head ideas are turning round. Some fresh air and endorphines, always help me to relax and see things clearer.

Ski vercors

    This is why on my way back from the mountains, after a great afternoon of ski in the forest, I realised I knew exactly what I wanted. That evening I finished my collage on my « vision board 2016 ». And now, I am on the road again!

« Surround yourself with those who bring the best in you. »